Huron River Club Reciprocity

Glen Members,


We are excited to announce a great new benefit for Farmington Glen Aquatic Club Members, you can now enjoy the amenities of our neighbor, the Huron River Club, a private dinner and social club here in Farmington, Michigan.


The Huron River Club offers delicious food in a unique and cozy atmosphere.  Your new benefits extend well beyond incredible dining to include exclusive events, entertainment, and more.


Please review the information before making your reservation at the HRC, you may do so by clicking the here:  HRC Agreement DOWNLOAD

For further information on the Huron River Club, click here!

HRC Information

This link will take you to the Welcome Letters from HRC as well as their Rules and Regulations.

This Link will take you to a sampling of their Dining Room Menus for all ages!

This link will take you to special events that are open to Farmington Glen Members!